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No oil flyer RJ874WH (White)

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Brand: Waganse

Color: White


  • Body size: height 32 × width 29.5 × depth 36cm / weight: 5.04kg
  • ※ Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) / power consumption: 1200W / power cord length :( approximately) 150cm
  • ● basket capacity :( approximately) 2.2L (MAX mark about 2.0L) / ● grill net withstand load :( approximately) 800g / ● Other specifications: temperature fuse: 192 degrees, timer: 0 to 30 minutes, the temperature setting: 90 ℃ to 210 degrees
  • Product Material: ABS resin (flame retardant), polypropylene resin (flame retardant), pan: Steel (ceramic coating), basket: Steel (ceramic coating), grill net: Stainless Steel
  • The set includes: body, pot / basket / grill net (body mounting settled), Japanese manual, this Japanese original cuisine

Publisher: waganse

Details: Product Description ★ Era fried in non-oil? ? Healthy life in the epoch-making flyer! ◆ It's deep-fried food is a natural enemy to the diet and health management. But, I want to eat after all because delicious! This is that time! What, fry using the fat content contained in food, it is a flyer of the ultra-innovative healthy-oriented. ● Appeared cookware of the new sense of delicious fried food can make without oil ● Health and beauty who is anxious, but deep-fried food is like good news for those who intake of oil is a concern! ● No oil fryer by circulating hot air at high speed, cookware that enables frying only oil and water in the foodstuff. French fries fellow fried, such as pork cutlet and croquettes can make to the healthy ● Operation temperature and the timer to put simple ingredients: OK just to set the (up to 30 minutes) ● The maximum temperature is fried crisp ingredients without oil at 210 ℃ ● Since the cooking in fat fraction ingredients themselves have also possible to remove the more ingredients of oil compared to the usual cooking method ● French fries, nuggets, chicken wings, fish in the open, and so on steak, choosing a cooking target, it is evenly beautiful delicious cooking in its own recipe ● It can also be cooked in as it is frozen food ● It can be utilized also to health management of people and families in the diet ● Not only the deep-fried food, it is also possible to make sweets such as cakes and cookies

EAN: 4562280108747

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 13.5 x 13.3 inches