Nordic Convertible Living Room Folding Sofa Bed Set, Modern Pull-Out Double Sofa, Solid Sofa Bed with Storage Arm Box Multifunctional Study Bed,1.58m


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Color: 1.58m


  • ★★★[SACKED OUT CONVERTIBLE BED] ★There is a hidden bed under the sofa, which can be easily transformed into a full-size sofa bed. And there are easy to pull and push wheels under the sofa. All you need to do is to take about 3 seconds to pull out the extra bed. Provides sleepers and guests with more comfortable sleep when needed.
  • ★★★[EASY BED CHANGE] ★The seat is super easy to change the bed in seconds. The space-saving design helps you make the most of a small space. A multifunctional 2-in-1 sofa for the living room if you have friends for the occasional sleepover.
  • ★★★[LARGE-CAPACITY STORAGE DESIGN]★This sofa is equipped with storage armrests, saying goodbye to the messy and multi-functional partition storage design, the lounge chair is convenient and considerate; there is ample storage space at the bottom of the sofa, allowing you to be neat and tidy in the living room
  • ★★★[COMFORTABLE CUSHIONS]★ Modular sofa with thick padding and firm padding. You can leave your whole body in it and it will give you supreme comfort. Widened armrests will give your hands a place to rest. Such a corner sofa will allow you to spend more relaxing time and parent-child time on the sofa in the living room. And it won’t sink for a long time.
  • ★★★[STRONG BEARING CAPACITY]★ The bearing capacity is 800kg. The thickened manganese steel frame is adopted, the structure is stable and not deformed, the safety is guaranteed from the inside to the outside, the bearing capacity is good, and the support does not collapse.

Details: ★ Use as sofa and bed
2-in-1 foldable design allows you to use it as a sofa, bench and bed
A convertible sofa bed can bring new life to life and give your home a whole new look. Due to its folding properties, the space-saving furniture is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, halls, bedrooms, offices or smaller spaces.

★ Product Features:
1. Easily turn the sofa into a bed, and girls can easily control it. Pull out the seat plate to transform the cushion sofa into a bed, and the living room into an emergency room, allowing guests to relax even more.
2. Cotton and linen fabrics have good air permeability and good sweat absorption, which meet the requirements of environmental protection and human health.
3. The iron frame supports storage upgrades, hidden storage, the combination of practicality and beauty, expands the space, and bids farewell to the messy living room.
4. Filled with natural latex, safe and healthy. 2cm thick latex that slowly releases body pressure. The latex layer has tens of thousands of small honeycomb ventilation holes, which can dissipate the waste heat and moisture of the human body and promote natural ventilation.
5. Frosted metal three-fold trailing structure, ① take out the lower frame first ② turn the seat bag over

★ Packing list:
1 * sofa bed