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OASE 706759372305 Pondovac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner, Black

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Brand: OASE

Color: Black


  • The PondoVac 3's patented dual-chambers fill and empty in alternating cycles allowing for non-stop vacuuming and effective pond maintenance.
  • It features a strong 1600W motor, with a maximum suction depth of 7 ft.
  • Simple and fast way to remove debris and decaying organic matter without having to drain the pond or pool.
  • Sturdy wheels and an adjustable handle allow for fast and convenient transportation.
  • Quick release clamps allow for easy removal of the motor unit and access for maintenance.

Details: High impact ponds demand long, admiring gazes and beg onlookers to notice each organic detail - every curve, each nook. The juxtaposition of the lush green landscape with the reflective, sparkling water and smooth rocks creates pause. Well-maintained ponds create unparalleled impact. Easy and effective pond maintenance - the foundation of a powerful aesthetic - is within reach with the PondoVac 3. Its patented, dual chamber design allows for continuous suction, and its assortment of nozzle head options for every pond and pool application allows for versatility. It features a strong 1600W motor, with a maximum suction depth of 7 ft. This model includes a debris collection bag for discharge and a clear extension tube (1.6 ft.) for easy visual inspection. Transport rollers and an adjustable handle allow for portability. Four suction tubes (3 black, 1 transparent), string algae nozzle, crevice nozzle, wet suction nozzle, adjustable floor nozzle, debris collection bag, 16 ft. long suction hose, and 8.2 ft. long discharge hose are included.