Paragon Santa Monica Aluminum Gazebo 12 X 10


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Transform your outdoor space with the Paragon Santa Monica Aluminum Gazebo. This stunning 12 X 10 structure offers both style and durability, perfect for entertaining or relaxing in the shade. Crafted with high-quality aluminum, it’s built to withstand the elements while adding a touch of elegance to your backyard.

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Brand: Paragon


  • Structured For All Four Seasons Dual Anchoring System Multiple Layered Roof Panels No Power Drill Needed For Set Up


The Paragon Santa Monica Aluminum Gazebo 12 X 10 is a durable outdoor structure designed to withstand all four seasons. With its dual anchoring system, this gazebo stays securely in place, providing peace of mind even during strong winds. The multiple layered roof panels offer excellent protection from the elements, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather. Setting up this gazebo is a breeze, as no power drill is needed. Whether you want to create a cozy outdoor living area or a sheltered space for entertaining, the Paragon Santa Monica Aluminum Gazebo is a stylish and practical choice.

UPC: 852580008620