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PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner - Wall-Climbing Fuction with Smart Route Plan, Automatic Pool Vacuum, Max Surface Cleaning & Powerful Suction

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  • 【Wall-Climbing Function】The only one Wall-Climbing cordless automatic pool cleaner in the world is PAXCESS Cordless 8600.This robotic pool cleaner possesses advanced brushes to provide strong adsorption and excellent wall climbing without any worry about falling when climbing.The pool robot pre-installed unique computer program and superb worry-free sensor array, it will not run outside the pool.After it cleaned the waterline, the pool cleaner will go back to the pool from the wall.
  • 【Newest Robotic Pool Cleaner】PAXCESS cordless automatic pool cleaner is the most innovative pool robot cleaner.It can clean inground pools/above ground pools for Max.1614 sq ft. Put aside the restraint of the power cord, our cordless pool cleaner robot is equipped with largest 8600mah lithium-ion battery, which can achieve up to MAX.90 minutes of work, it can operate without a cable attached to an electrical outlet, allowing greater mobility.
  • 【Program Optimization】We optimize the program of PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner. The cordless pool cleaner pre-installed the smart gyroscope, accelerometer,advanced three-axis motor, which can improve the cleaning coverage of the swimming pool and ensures your pool is cleaned using the most efficient route. PAXCESS cordless 8600 pool cleaner pushes the limits of pool cleaning, masterfully cleans the pool floor, walls, and waterline for you. Bring you more intelligent pool cleaning.
  • 【Intelligent Detection Technology】With advanced detection technology, PAXCESS cordless pool cleaner can detect different working situation by itself and these working situations will be displayed with different lights. According to different color, you can take different action for it.Such as the yellow light is on,you should charge battery.With battery detection technology,pool cleaner will stop alongside the pool shore when the battery drained out or completing the working cycle by itself.
  • 【Guaranteed by Paxcess】This is a renewed product,but we are eligible for replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if you are not satisfied.

Details: Globally Unique Climbing Cordless Pool Cleaner! It does a Great Job on All Surfaces and Clean Wall and Waterline Efficiently!