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Pond Armor

Pond Armor SKU-GRAY-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint, 1.5-Gallon, Gray

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Brand: Pond Armor

Color: Gray


  • Water proof formula suitable for use in a wide range of climatic environments from hot to freeze/thaw conditions
  • Specifically designed for underwater use and to be non toxic and fish and plant safe
  • Self priming formula allows for reliable adhesion for a finished surface that is easy to maintain
  • Can be put into service in as little as 24 hours
  • Can be applied to any constructed surface made of wood metal or stone as well as most plastics and other coatings

Details: Pond Shield is a non-toxic epoxy liner, made in the U.S.A designed for the pond and water feature industry. It is used to waterproof and seal water features or ponds with a more designer, formal or natural look than rubber liners. Using Pond Shield epoxy means no more unsightly folds or creases. In addition, unlike rubber liners, there are eleven Standard colors available - Black, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate Brown, Clear, Competition Blue, Delta Blue, Gray, Moss Green, Sky Blue, Tan and White. Pond Shield is used for waterproofing structured surfaces found in water features such as Koi ponds, pools, fountains, aquariums, salt water tanks, hydroponics, streams, waterfalls, reflecting pools, mini lakes, holding tanks, etc. It is easily applied and easy to maintain and for most applications, a single coat application is all that is needed for proper coverage. In addition, your pond will be virtually maintenance free with a surface that algae can be easily wiped off of and is safe for fish (and other wildlife) and p