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Pool Leak/Under Ground Leak Locator/Swimming Pool Leak/Swimming Pool Leak Detector

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Details:                  POP'S POOL TOOLS We sell kits to find many types of leaks. Be sure to order the right kit.    This kit works best for locating leaks in the ground under concrete. Can be used in just dirt but you will need to push or hammer short  rebar spikes in the ground and place the stethoscope on the rebar and listen                                After 35 years of locating and fixing leaks we know what works. We have tried other electronic stethoscopes sold on ebay and other sites and found they did not amplify enough to hear leaks deep in the ground or under concrete or both. Our kit also comes with a sound generator found only in our kit.       A sound generator hooked to your air and water supply will generate continuous noise at the crack or hole in the pipe. Then using the powerful electronic stethoscope makes it possible to hear the leak and locate the spot where the leak is under concrete and dirt minimizing digging and the removing of concrete. The snap shot button allows you to move from place to place with the volume set very high without noise and discomfort of sounds generated  when relocating. This means you listen only when you want. Our kit also lets you work in a standing position. This lets you track a leak faster and in comfort not having to kneel for each test. Kit includes old school  type headphones. (large padded)  compact amplifier. electric stethoscope. sound generator. 2 - pipe adaptor. (1 1/2" and 2"} snap shot button. instruction manual.  Comes with a step by step instruction booklet that is super easy to follow with photos and text like nothing you ever seen before. Works with 1 1/2" and 2" pipe.  Uses water from a garden hose. Uses air from even a small air compressor. No chance of cross contamination in supply water or air. Built in check valves will stop air or water from backing up into the other supply source       We make it easy to do it yourself and save big money$$$.