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PoolSkim USA

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

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Brand: PoolSkim USA

Color: White


  • Award-Winning Automatic Pool Skimmer
  • Connects to 1&1/2 Inch Threaded Outflow Return Jet-where water flows back into pool
  • Self-Adjusting to Water Level
  • Reduces Workload on Filtration System
  • Cleaning Made Easy

Details: The award-winning PoolSkim uses the power of the water returning to the pool to create a venturi suction that draws all floating debris like a magnet and is collected in a sturdy nylon mesh clip-on bag. REQUIREMENTS: The PoolSkim does not connect to the pump filter! The PoolSkim attaches to one of the return jets on the side of the pool -- where water flows back into the pool. Male and female adapters are included for a standard 1&1/2 inch threaded pool return fitting. CHECK YOUR POOL RETURNS FOR THREADED RETURN FITTINGS BEFOR ORDERING. Note: Not compatible with Intex brand pools. Poolskim USA is the manufacturers source for installation videos and technical support.

EAN: 0695745000011