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Pressure Washer 3800 PSI 2.8 GPM Electric Power Washer with Hose Reel 2000W Deliver Up to 10000+ Cleaning Units, Foam Cannon and 4 Nozzles for Homes Cars Driveways Patios

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Brand: Kepma

Color: Orange


  • Upgrade Cleaning Power (CP): The cleaning power of a pressure washer is determined by two criteria: the water pressure (PSI) it produces and the water flow (GPM) through the washer, which offers a better indication of a machine's overall performance, CP = PSI X GPM. Kepma offers powerful 2000-watt motor generates up to 3800 PSI water pressure at 2.8 GPM water flow for max cleaning power, which means the washer can deliver up to 10,640 cleaning units, which is plenty for most household chores
  • 5-in-1 Pressure Washer Accessories: 4 color-coded spray nozzles and a 250ml detachable detergent bottle can be installed directly with the lance, they deliver different pressure and flow rate for different tasks. 0° for the toughest cleaning jobs, 15° for heavy-duty cleaning and stripping, 25° for general tasks, 40° for easily damaged surfaces, soap bottle for combines water with cleaning agents
  • Leakproof Connections: Good water filtration system, 304 stainless steel fliter applys to various water sources, professional grade brass garden hose connector and metal inlet adapter to avoid annoying water leakage
  • GFCI/TTS Ensure Security: Kepma Pressure Washer features safety automatic Total Stop System (TSS), which automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life. Always connect electric washers to power outlets that are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and we provide 16.4 ft power cord for use on all exterior outlets. (Do not use extension cord to connect GFCI to power receptacle)
  • Humanized Components Storage Design: Side and back hang hooks for storage electric cord, spray gun and soap bottle, 4 insert ports on the gun for 4 nozzles, built in on-board hose reel for storage and protect garden hose, 6.7inch wheels and telescopic rod for easy move

Details: 3800PSI 2.8GPM Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel and Telescopic Rod, Soap Bottle, Adjustable Nozzles >> Product Introductions: Kepma Pressure washers (aka power washers) are so much fun to use—and show such dramatic and quick results, clean your neighbors’ siding, driveways and cars, nearly any outdoor item. The models are relatively light and quiet, require little upkeep, and create no exhaust emissions. They start and stop conveniently. They do not need winterizing if brought indoors, and their small size makes them easy to store. >> Product Features: ✔ More Power: 2000W motor, max 3800 psi 2.8gpm pressure. ✔ More Safety: Equipped with TOTAL STOP SYSTEM (TTS) and built-in GFCI plug for extra safety. ✔ Updated Leakproof: Brass metal garden hose connector to avoid water leakage. ✔ Important Accessories: Comes with 4 nozzles to deliver different pressure for different tasks, detachable soap bottle allows you pre-soap your deck or car prior to washing it. ✔ All-in One Storage: Hang hooks for cord, spray gun and soap bottle storage, hose reel for garden hose, 4 insert ports for your 4 nozzles, 6.7inch wheels and telescopic rod for easy move. >> Product Specifications: Material: Plastic, Metal Type: With Hose Reel Voltage: 100-120V Frequency: 60Hz Waterproof: IPX5 Protection class: II Max Water Temperature: 40℃ Hose Length: 6m/19.69ft Cable Length: 5m/16.40ft Power: 2000W Rated Pressure: 3000PSI Max Pressure: 3800PSI Max Inlet: 44PSI Rated Flow: 2.6GPM Max Flow: 2.8GPM Sound power level: 102 dB(A) Sound pressure level: 90 ±3 dB(A) Acceleration: 1.5±0.15 m2/s2 Applications: For Home, Car, Boat, RV, Driveway, Deck

EAN: 0611722566691