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Primate Pool Tools

Primate Pool Tools P3X 6 X 15.6 ft Carbon Fiber Pool Pole only 2.5 lbs, Lifetime Home Owner Warranty, Professional Grade pool cleaning pole, 10X Stronger and half the weight of aluminum, Made in USA

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Brand: Primate Pool Tools


  • REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN MADE IN USA: Made from Aerospace Grade carbon fiber, it features a minimalist, ultra light weight design that offers superior strength, performance and usability that makes cleaning your pool a breeze! Our poles are 10X as strong as aluminum. 100% USA made; Our materials, hardware and the machinery used to develop our products are all the result of good old fashioned American ingenuity!
  • LIGHT AND EASY TO USE: Our Poles weigh just over 2 lbs and features a simple, ergonomic single-action locking mechanism that never fails and lets you adjust length with just a flick of your thumb. Our carbon fiber design offers the BEST strength to weight ratio in the industry! It can flex to take an extraordinary amount of stress and will naturally snap back into their shape giving an incredible amount of control for a superior and efficient transfer of energy from the handle to the tool end.
  • TOOL COMPATIBILITY: Our Cleaning Poles meet the industry standard 1.14" diameter tool end that allows to easily attach the best nets, brushes, rakes, and vacuum heads on the market! Our poles come with a blue aluminum adapter that is detachable to ensure your tools fit our pole..
  • BUILT TO LAST: Primate Poles DO NOT DENT OR WARP! We are the creators of the first carbon fiber pool cleaning pole and we set a high bar by developing our own proprietary method for wrapping and reinforcing our poles! Our multi-layered wrap process uses Aerospace grade modus3 carbon fiber which offers next level multi-directional length and is further reinforced at stress points with hard baked fiberglass protecting our poles to have slow, gradual wear process that guarantees a long life span!
  • REPLACEMENT and WARRANTY: Pool Service Professionals can invest with confidence knowing that all tubes and hardware can be replaced separately. We offer LIFETIME WARRANTY for Residential Homeowners and a 1 YEAR COMMERCIAL WARRANTY for pool service professionals. Warranty covers any and all defects in materials or workmanship, it does not cover theft, UV damage or broken tubes from using your pole in ways outside conventional pool cleaning methods defined in our user manual.

Details: Primate Pool Tools are a family owned company with over 35 years of experience in the Pool Maintenance Industry. It was our dream to develop a premium pool service pole that homeowners and professional pool techs could depend on. We are proud to have created an entirely new market for high-end telescoping poles, and we feel what sets us apart from our competitors is our background in residential & commercial pool management. Our collective experience as pool techs has given us a unique perspective when designing our products, as well as the advantage to test and develop our poles in the field using our personal routes. We are service workers, not just inventors, and we have found that our position in the industry gives us an elevated level of respect to pool techs. We built our business on the foundation of a sincere dedication to holding onto the title of having the "best pole on the market". Our flagship product and strongest, lightest, and most durable pole. The Primate 3X offers a quick and easy to use lever-lock and a double inner extension system that can reach 15.6’. Once you switch to a Primate pole you’ll never use anything else. Measurements: Collapsed length- 72”, w 2nd tube 144”, w 3rd tube 187” Weight: 2lb, 4oz Materials: Carbon fiber tubing with fiberglass reinforcement at stress and wear points. Purchase your professional grade 15.5 Foot Carbon Fiber Telescopic Swimming pool pole today with confidence.Lightweight at just over 2 lbs making it one of the lightest pool poles on the Market. Easily extendable with our single action locking system 3X Stronger than Aluminum and built to last Universal Pool Accessory Attachment Size Our poles are made with the Universal 1- 1/4"" diameter end connection to allow you to easily attach most pool maintenance accessories like nets, skimmers, rakes, brushes and vacuum heads.