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ProTeam Brominating Tablets (25 lb)

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Brand: ProTeam


  • Bromine tablets for pool or spa
  • Slow dissolving
  • Bromochloro-5, 5-dimethylhydantoin: 92.5%, Other Ingredients: 7.5%

Details: ProTeam Brominating Tablets are the perfect way to keep your pool and spa properly sanitized while saying goodbye to annoying hand feeding forever. These slow dissolving tablets work in any brominating floater or automatic feeder to give your pool a constant level of protection against bacteria and other harmful organic compounds. Best of all, Brominating Tablets are made right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality, allowing you to buy with confidence. Product Dosage Routine Maintenance (Pools): 17 tablets per 10,000 gallons of water every 5-7 days. Routine Maintenance (Hot Tubs): 3 tablets per 300 gallons of water every 5-7 days.