RainFlo MHP50A Automatic Booster Pump


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Boost your water pressure effortlessly with the RainFlo MHP50A Automatic Booster Pump. Designed for residential and commercial use, this pump ensures consistent water flow for all your needs. Say goodbye to weak showers and slow water dispensing – experience the power of the MHP50A and enjoy optimal water pressure every time.

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Brand: RainFlo


  • Simple operation
  • Starts automatically with water demand
  • Automatic run dry protection
  • Variable pump cut-in pressure
  • Very quiet (<65 dB)


The RainFlo MHP50A Automatic Booster Pump is a reliable and efficient solution for boosting water pressure in your home or business. With its simple operation and automatic start, this booster pump ensures that water flows seamlessly whenever there is demand. It also comes equipped with automatic run dry protection, preventing any potential damage to the pump during periods of low water supply. The variable pump cut-in pressure allows for customizable settings, ensuring that you can achieve the desired water pressure. Additionally, this booster pump operates quietly, emitting less than 65 decibels of noise. Experience improved water pressure and convenience with the RainFlo MHP50A Automatic Booster Pump.

UPC: 791090018036