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Rissanti Napoli Recliner, Black

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Brand: Rissanti

Color: Black


  • Lean Back Swivel-Simply lean back – this action puts pressure on the back of the recliner so you can rest your back and shoulders in a preferred position. Since it is incorporated with a swivel function, this piece has a circular Chrome base that you can use for a full range of motion – it becomes all the more convenient when you have to turn towards the TV or point your remote at the music system behind you
  • One-Touch Operation-Want to get into a more relaxing position? That is precisely the reason why the footrest is included in the design. flip the lever on the side and the footrest pops up right away. Push it back with your heels till it locks in place.
  • Gorgeous Design-This recliner is available in both black and white, which are universal colors and can be synchronized with all kinds of décor. You can set it up in the living room, den, or in your home office (great for taking short naps between work).
  • Comfortable Seating-The padded armrests take off any extra strain from your neck and shoulders, while the foam padding used in the seat guarantees a comfortable experience so you can relax and rest for a long time – you won’t want to get up from it! Comes with both push-back and swivel function for full range of motion. Versatile furniture piece. Sturdy and stable frame. It can be assembled in a few minutes without any external help. Prop up the footrest with the flip of the lever on the side. Padded seating and armrests for comfortable seating. Convenient to clean.
  • Easy Assembly-Some recliners can be tough to install, as you need to comprehend and execute difficult instructions and require tools as well. But this Napoli swivel recliner comes with a simple set of directions that let you set it up quickly in minutes. Moreover, you don’t need any tools or equipment for this purpose.
  • Package length:30.0"
  • Package height:26.0"
  • Package width:28.0"
  • Fabric Type: Faux Leather

Details: Napoli Swivel Push-Back Recliner. Feel tired after a grueling day at work? Want to say goodbye to stress and tension? This Napoli swivel push-back recliner is exactly what you are looking for! The push-back style lets you lean back and take a short nap or even go to sleep – you can literally feel all the tiredness going away, as the recliner works wonders in soothing frayed nerves. Being really easy to operate, you just need to flip open the lever on each side to recline the back or release the footrest and it pops up immediately. Now you can stretch your legs and get the relaxation you crave! You can even cuddle up under a blanket and watch your favorite movie – it feels amazing