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Robelle 3809-20-BLK-12 Premium 20g. Double-Chamber 8-Foot Black Winter Water Tube For Swimming Pool Covers, 12-Pack

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Brand: Robelle

Color: Black


  • The red tabs can be made easier to close by warming them up with a hair dryer.
  • Convenient 12 pack
  • Heavy-Duty 20 Gauge Vinyl Construction
  • Easy Fill Valve
  • Prevents Winter Cover From Falling Into Pool
  • Fill Halfway With Water to Allow For Ice Expansion. If you have trouble closing the valve please use a hair dryer to loosen before closing.

Details: 8' Double Chamber Black Water Tubes are constructed of heavy-duty 20 gauge, puncture resistant vinyl. All of our water tubes have a conveniently placed, leak-proof valve that is easy to fill with a garden hose. Water tubes keep your pool cover in place all winter long. Water tubes should be filled half-way to prevent popping caused by expansion if the water freezes. 12 Pack.