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S.R. Smith

S.R.Smith 3ML-PT6002 Power Tower PT-6002 Pool Transformer with Three, Fiber to LED Conversion Kit 3 Mod-Lite LED Lights

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Brand: S.R. Smith

Color: Fiber to LED Conversion Kit 3 Mod-Lite LED Lights


  • New & improved PT-6001 and PT-6002 upgrade lighting kits seamlessly replace your aging illuminators and are virtually maintenance free and are a direct replacement for Fiberstars 6004/2004 fiber optic illuminators
  • Dual 60-watt, 2-circuit unit with sync or independent circuit control and wireless remote and three (3) 7-watt Mod-Lite wireless LED lights with PowerPASS technology. Features six (6) colors and two (2) light shows
  • 12VAC and 13VAC output options and an auto-resetting thermal fuse for overloading and replaceable current fuse for enhanced water safety - Screwless terminals for reliable, quick, and easy connections in half the time (compared to original PT-6000) - no wire nuts required
  • Mod-Lite makes it easy for pool owners to service and maintain their pool lighting - no need to shut down power or drain the pool - ideal for new construction or retrofit applications
  • Kit contains three 12VAC, 7-watt Mod-Lite RGB LED light for gunite, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools and spas

Details: Pt-6002 kit contains one (1) pt-6002 transformer making installation faster, safer, & more efficient. Plus replacement & winterizing are a snap. Mod-lite’s flexibility comes from power pass (wireless power technology), which enables power to flow directly to the wireless LED lamp module, without a physical connection to power. The discreet elements of mod-lite - the power emitter & lamp - are ultrasonically sealed & electrically insulated. A power circuit is only created when the two elements come into proximity with each other. Since the wireless lamp is not physically connected to power it can be easily installed & removed while in water, making installation, Service & winterization a snap.