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Safety Turtle

Safety Turtle New 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit - 2 Wristbands

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Brand: Safety Turtle

Color: Child Kit


  • Not backward compatible. Will not work with old T101 bands.
  • Cute design makes kids want to wear!
  • MULTIPLE USERS - Multiple turtle bands can be added to one system, so everyone in the family is safe
  • NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY - This simple system will have you up and running in no time. Simply plug in the base within 200 feet of the pool, test the turtle, and then you are good for use!
  • Kit Includes: 1 Safety Turtle ST501 (Base Station, Turtle Wristband) and 1 extra ST500 Turtle wristband for a total of two Turtle Wristbands

Details: The easiest way to protect your little ones around a pool is to know if they go in, right? Alarms can be turned offor not recognize a child slowly walking into the pool. The only solution on the market is Safety Turtle. The fun to wear Turtle wristband will trigger the always ready system as soon as they get that wrist wet! Even if they just sit on the edge and put that arm in to play with a floating toyyoull know! Its simple, reliable and easy to use! You can have as many wristbands as needed (for guests)and your pets can utilize the very same system. The family dog wears a Turtle attached by a pet adapter, onto his collar. The kids and family pets can all be on the same system. The best part is you can take it with you to friends or vacation homes! There is no programming or wiring.just plug in and youre ready! Works in salt water pools. Note 2 Wristbands are included 1 Wristband per box included 1 With ST501 1 With ST500