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SereneLife Automatic Pool Vacuum for Inground Pools – Robotic Pool Cleaner with 4500 GPH Suction from Twin Motors and Brushes, 2 Filters and Tangle-Free Cable Cleans 50 Ft Pools with 3 Timed Cycles

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Brand: SereneLife


  • SIMPLIFY POOL CLEANING with an automatic pool cleaner robot by SereneLife. Dual brushes and powerful suction from 4500 GPH motors create a pool robot that removes leaves, grass and debris with ease.
  • DOUBLE THE POWER of other automatic pool cleaners, SereneLife Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner has dual motors, dual scrubbing brushes and dual filtration cartridges to extract more debris from water.
  • FAST AND EFFICIENT pool robot cleaner for inground pool use works in as little as 2 hours. Our versatile robot pool vacuum lets you select 2-, 3- or 5-hour cycles for inground pools of up to 50 feet.
  • REVITALIZE YOUR POOL as the SereneLife Inground Pool Vacuum Robot scrubs the floor and walls. Its tangle-free cord allows the pool sweeper to move freely, capturing sediment and large dirt particles.
  • DURABLY CONSTRUCTED with IP68 motors and an IP54 control box, the SereneLife Automatic Pool Vacuum for inground pools keeps your swimming pool looking inviting and ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice.

Details: Make Your Pool Sparkle Ensure that your favorite family fun spot is always ready for a refreshing dip with the SereneLife Electric Pool Vacuum. A must-have addition to your pool cleaning equipment, this automatic pool vac helps keep your personal oasis free of leaves, sand, grass and other debris without back-breaking effort. Equipped with 2 robust motors, 2 scrubbing brushes and 2 top-loading filters, the SereneLife Pool Robot Vacuum patrols the floor and walls of your inground pool, leaving it with a pristine finish.Powerful and Convenient With 4500 GPH of suctioning force, the SereneLife Robot Pool Cleaner removes more sediment and debris from your pool than you can manually. Its dual brushes loosen dirt from walls and floor and traps it in its 2 filters. Thorough and efficient, our inground pool cleaner helps reduce wear-and-tear on the pool pump and filters and aids in keeping your pool balanced so you use less of other pool supplies. Its tangle-free cord allows it to travel the distance of a 50-foot pool, reaching nooks and crannies that a skimmer net cannot.1-Touch Pool Sweep Featuring an easy-to-use control box and 3 cycle choices to clean your pool in as little as 2 hours, the SereneLife Robotic Pool Cleaner for inground pools ensures a thorough cleaning without the drudgery of dragging hoses and other pool cleaning supplies around your yard. Simply drop the robotic pool vacuum into the pool, plug the power cord of the control box into an AC outlet, select a cleaning cycle and walk away. Soon your pool will be ready for fun in the sun. Keep your pool clean and its pump working efficiently. Add the SereneLife Pool Cleaning Robot to your swimming pool accessories today.

EAN: 0842893142548