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SHPEHP Robotic Lawn Mower / / self-propelled Lawn Mower for Clean lawns, WiFi Remote Control Function Lawn Mower for 1000 Square Meters of Garden EM1600-black

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Color: black


  • When the grass sprouts again: The eager garden robot from SHPEHP accepts an area of ​​1,000 square meters and always guarantee a clean lawn - even neighbors!
  • Reaching the limit: The cutting edge function saves annoying rework because the mower cuts the grass to the edge of the garden - this is the end result of the garden!
  • The mowing robot can be charged in less than three hours for 180 minutes of efficient lawn care. /As part of the SHEPEHP series, the battery can be interchanged with other equipment batteries
  • No worse lawn mowing - Overcoming lawn mowers with up to 45% slope, Wi-Fi connection and application control, corners and functions effortlessly and quietly
  • Low noise and environmental protection: work quietly without disturbing you or your neighbors. Long life with lithium-ion battery technology

Details: Advantage: 1. Preset working time and rest time: Robot mower can set working time and rest time in advance 2. Anti-theft password: Users can set the anti-theft password of the robot mower to prevent loss. 3. Intelligent operation: The robot mower can control the wheel through the embedded intelligent software, forward, backward, left turn, right turn and other basic operations. Intelligent operation can be automatically adjusted according to different mowing methods. 4. Automatic obstacle avoidance: Built -in automatic ultrasonic sensor detects obstacles in front and automatically avoids collision. 5. Blade safety control: After entering the mowing area, start to adjust the blade for cutting. When someone or animal approaches the blade, the robot mower will automatically stop. 6. Intelligent detection of lawn: Automatically detect grass, dense, and control the length of the cutting process. 7. Electronic fence (set work area): The electro NIC666 and electronic component connection line can effectively control the cutting range. 8. Intelligent safety detection: It can estimate whether the circuit is overloaded. If the circuit load is overloaded, the robot mower will stop working to protect the internal circuit. 9. Automatic return charging: When the battery is low, it will automatically return to charging mode, this charging mode is non-contact electromagnetic induction charging. 10. Automatic rain protection: When it rains, the robot mower will automatically return to the 11.APP wifi remote control function: Through the APP wifi remote control command, you can realize directional walking mowing, obstacle avoidance, switch and other functions.