SlavicBeauty Propane Cannon Bird Scare Electronic


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Scare away pests with the SlavicBeauty Bird and Wildlife Scarer Propane Cannon. This powerful device simulates natural predator sounds to deter birds and wildlife from your property. Say goodbye to unwanted visitors and protect your garden effectively with this innovative propane scarecrow.

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Brand: SlavicBeauty


  • Humane and effective way to protect large agricultural areas and farmlands against undesirable birds and wildlife
  • No harm to nature and all living creatures. Sonic blast volume of 120 decibel. Covers 1-5 acres, depending on topography
  • Safe, reliable and efficient. Easy to set up and operates automatically. 5 gal propane tank (not included) lasts up to 18000 blasts
  • SlavicBeauty Bird Scarer is used in agricultural, commercial and industrial fields. Up to 40 min blast intervals set up. Day and Night mode set up
  • Electronic model powered by economical propane gas and 12V battery. Propane Tank not included 4 ft tripod can be purchased separately (optional)


The SlavicBeauty Bird and Wildlife Scarer Propane Cannon is a highly effective and humane solution for protecting large agricultural areas and farmlands from unwanted birds and wildlife. With a sonic blast volume of 120 decibels, it covers 1-5 acres depending on the topography. This propane cannon is safe, reliable, and efficient, and can be easily set up and operated automatically. The 5-gallon propane tank (not included) lasts for up to 18,000 blasts. The SlavicBeauty Bird Scarer is widely used in agricultural, commercial, and industrial fields, offering up to 40-minute blast intervals and day and night mode settings. Powered by economical propane gas and a 12V battery, this electronic model provides a humane and environmentally friendly solution. Please note that the propane tank and 4 ft tripod are not included and can be purchased separately as optional accessories.

UPC: 611138643825

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