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Spa Essentials

Spa Essentials 32130000-12 Concentrate Chlorine, 12-Pack

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Brand: Spa Essentials


  • controls algae growth
  • destroys contaminants
  • kills bacteria
  • "item package dimensions: 10.0"" l x 10.0"" w x 10.0"" h"
  • Power source type: Manual

Details: Spa Essentials Chlorinating Concentrate is a spa and hot tub sanitizer. Customers prefer this product because it is a fast acting granular stabilized chlorinator that acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer. This is a hard-working product that will kill and control bacteria - resulting in water that's a pleasure to soak in. Spa Essentials brand chemicals are the easiest to use: reach and maintain beautiful spa water. 97% Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione.