SPW Hunter Hydrawise HCC-800-M Metal Wi-Fi Timer HCC800M


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Control your watering system with ease using the Hunter Hydrawise HCC-800-M Metal Wi-Fi Timer. This innovative device allows you to program and monitor your sprinklers right from your smartphone or tablet with the user-friendly Web i-Phone Android App. Say goodbye to wasted water and hello to convenience with the HCC800M.

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Brand: SPW


  • Wi-Fi enabled for quick connection to Hydrawise software.
  • Comes with 8 Stations and can expand up to 54 with additional ICM modules (not included). Second picture for reference only showing fully loaded for 52 zones with optional modules.
  • Dual voltage 120v / 230v for domestic and international use. Can operate up to 2 stations simultaneously. Pre-wired SmartPort for compatibility with ROAM/ROAM XL remotes.
  • Built-in milliamp sensor for wire fault detection and alerts. HC Flow Meter compatible for flow monitoring and alerts.
  • Metal Cabinet.


The Hunter Hydrawise HCC-800-M Metal Wi-Fi Timer is a highly efficient and convenient irrigation system controller. With its Wi-Fi capability, you can easily connect to the Hydrawise software through your web browser or smartphone app. This timer comes with 8 stations, but it can be expanded up to 54 stations by adding additional ICM modules (sold separately). It operates on dual voltage 120v/230v, making it suitable for both domestic and international use. Additionally, it can run up to 2 stations simultaneously and is compatible with ROAM/ROAM XL remotes through its pre-wired SmartPort. The built-in milliamp sensor ensures wire fault detection and alerts, while the HC Flow Meter compatibility allows for flow monitoring and alerts. All of these features are housed in a durable metal cabinet, providing long-lasting protection for your irrigation system.

UPC: 746178855324