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Super Angel

Super Angel DELUXE Model with Soft Fruit Extracting Housing - Replaces AJ5500

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Brand: Super Angel

Color: Stainless Steel


  • THIS LISTING IS FOR DELUXE MODEL - is all .304 18-8 High Grade Stainless Steel with Soft Fruit Extracting Housing
  • All US Models have been replaced with the PRO, DELUXE & PREMIUM DELUXE
  • 2014-2015 models have major upgrades to the motor, safety sensor, and main control board.
  • These components have been upgraded and reinforced to comply with U.S. electrical specifications.
  • Manufacture Warranty 10 Years Motor & Gears, 5 Years on Wear and Tear - See US Juicers Details

Publisher: US JUICERS

Details: Newly upgraded, fully automatic, improved. Major parts including motor, gear box, cooling systems, safety sensors and control panels are upgraded and reinforced to comply with U.S. Electrical specifications. Anti-jamming system by self-adjusting speed control when overloading. Automatic reverse function when jamming. Automatic cooling system when overheating inside the juicer. Automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor. Newly designed main control board. Own the reliable and premium juicer for your better health. We recommend a more reliable, heavy duty constructed, powerful juicer that triturates (crush and grind into very fine particles) and presses with a slow rpm (keeping enzymes intact and generating no heat) that guarantees you'll be able to juice even the more fibrous green vegetables and grasses. You can taste and see the difference, as more value is extracted from a vegetable, more pigments or color is also extracted. This is why Super Angel prepared juice is darker and richer in color when compared to that of other juicers. The difference in quality is also apparent in taste. Juices extracted by the Super Angel Juicer are richer and offer a more full-bodied flavor. Includes premium brush and glass Pyrex jar for juice collecting.

UPC: 735343324659

EAN: 0793842634501

Package Dimensions: 21.7 x 14.5 x 10.1 inches