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TIGER 5.5Go(825g) IH rice cooker "TAKITATE" JKX-V103-KU (Urban Black)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Tiger

Color: Urban Black


  • ● Body size: (about) 26.5 × 30.9 × 25.1 cm (width × depth × height) / ● Body weight (kg): (about) 6.8
  • ※ â—† Power supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) / ※ â—† Maximum power consumption: 1,180 W
  • â—† Material / material: ● Measuring cup / ● Rice spatula / ● Rice spatula Receiving: polypropylene / ● Inner pot: pottery / ● Body = polypropylene / ABS resin
  • â—† accessories: ● Measuring cup / ● Rice spatula / ● Japanese Instruction Manual

Publisher: TIGER

Details: Product features ★ A rice cooker that you can taste delicious earthenware rice ◆ The unique heat storage of the main pot rice cooker ● Tempered pot of large calorific value is received securely, it spreads throughout the kettle, and continuous boiling caused by the thermal storage power is generated. ◆ 6 surface coating on the surface ● The six-layer surface and the soil pot body play their respective roles, raise the heat storage property and the high heat boiling point of this pot and cook it deliciously, delicious rice. ◆ Special function variable W pressure ● It exerts pressure of 1.25 atmospheres and draws resilient elasticity. Immediately after boiling, depressurize to 1.05 atm, cook it at high temperature, cook the rice grain, keep the stickiness, finish it into firm rice grain. ◆ "Distant red soba pan" which performs high temperature steaming of heat storage ● Receive firmly the radiant heat emitted from the bottom of the pot by cooking with high heat in the baking process and cook it up. In the steaming process, a rice cooker that releases heat and returns it to the pot. ◆ Large pressure regulating cap ● A detachable large pressure regulating cap that can be easily cleaned. From steaming after steaming to steaming step, steam is controlled to drain extra moisture.

EAN: 4904710397336

Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 12.4 x 11.4 inches