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TIGER IH pressure rice cooker (5.5 Go cook) TAKITATE JPC-A100-WH (White Gray)

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Brand: Tiger

Color: White Gray


  • White rice of rice and keep warm cooked rice capacity: 0.18L ~ 1.0L
  • ※ Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) / maximum power consumption: 1200W
  • Maximum rice cooking capacity: 1.0L
  • Size (approximately) (cm): width × depth × height 25.5 × 30.2 × 21.1 / body mass :( approximately): 5.4kg
  • Japanese manual URL (PDF):

Publisher: TIGER

Details: Product Description ◆ Increase the 9 layersFar-red TokuAtsukama Far-redEarthen potcoating far-infrared effect, and boiling in the delicate bubbling like pot. Heat flow and heat sealed earthenware pot coating kettle top to heat flow coating, subjected to heat sealed earthenware pot coating to the kettle bottom, up the heat storage and heat conductivity. ◆ Large in size in such a manner as to wrap the pot in Kamatsutsumi IHIH coil the kettle wrapped IH. ◆ Motchiri, at a pressure of firm texture "cook variable W pressure" cook 1.25 atm at the time like, pull the elasticity of the rice sticky and glutinous. The pressure was reduced to 1.05 atmospheres immediately give cooked, by the high-temperature cooking fried, tighten cook the rice grain, it'll specifications in rice grains was firmly restrained stickiness. ◆ Water-soluble dietary fiber in barley menu equipped with Tiger own cooking program raises cook the rice-rich barley "barley" dedicated menu mounted. Wheat dedicated measuring cup (for 30%, for 10%) included ◆ Moisture attached to the high-gloss Tsuyanai lid hydrophilic coating film is quickly evaporated at the time of heating. Keep warm at the time of moist warm rice crawling the film. It demonstrates the taste, such as when placed in Ohitsu. ◆ Keep warm function (24 hours) ◆ Warm selection: 6 hours, continuous (24 hours) ◆ And the holding time elapsed display ◆ Takiagari reservation timer (2 memory) ◆ Reservations water supply timer ※ factory is the setting of a continuous thermal insulation (24 hours).

EAN: 4904710419113

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 11.3 x 9.7 inches