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Titan Attachments

Titan Attachments 60" Root Clearing Rake Debris Silage Rock Skid Steer Tractor Loader Bucket

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Brand: Titan Attachments


  • SKID STEER HOOKUP: At Titan, we believe that you shouldnt waste your time with complicated instructions and difficult pieces of hardware when installing your new gear. Thats why we use a universal skid steer style hookup for our root, debris, silage, and rock clearing rake. This piece of equipment also comes with a solid backplate, easytogrease pins, and bushings to further ease installation.
  • GREAT FOR LANDSCAPING & CLEARING: If you need to remove debris from your yard, garden, farm, construction site, or ranch, then this tool is perfect for you! It can help you remove small roots, grapple logs, and straw and brush. Whether youre moving parts, transporting pipes, or grooming the lawn, youll want to invest in this piece of extremely useful equipment.
  • TINED LEADING EDGE: This farming equipment attachment features a multitined leading edge that can easily tear through small roots and brush. This attachment provides an exceptional grip, so you can get to all those pesky roots and pull out that irritating brush with ease. The Titan 60" Root Rake is also perfect for removing large rocks, leaves, and roots that are just a few inches below ground.
  • POWDERCOATED FINISH: We have designed this heavyduty metal debris remover with a durable powdercoated finish to make it last longer. The durable finish will help this loader bucket mount from being damaged by weather conditions in case you are unable to cover your tractor and its components when not in use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: This attachment is 60", 372 lbs., and has a side thickness of 1/2". It has 11 tines, each spaced 5 3/4" apart. These dimensions make it perfect for rolling debris into a burn pile, site preparation, and land clearing. The adjustable kickstand allows you to disconnect in the upright position, so you can easily reattach your skid steer or tractor without having to stand it back up.

Details: Brush and other lightweight debris can be difficult to clear from your property quickly. If done by hand, the job is time consuming and hard on your back. Even with the help of shovels, pitchforks, and wheelbarrows, it is hard to clear your land of rocks, silage, and other unwanted debris in a timely manner without the help of commercial agriculture accessories. Fortunately, you don't need to strain yourself; instead, let your skid steer do the work! This 60-inch debris clearing attachment is ideal for collecting all the unwanted accumulated debris in your yard or field. This debris removal tool features a universal skid steer hookup, making it extremely versatile. Included with your purchase is a kickstand for upright storage. This landscape clearing tool also features a rake-like tinned design, making tearing through small roots and brush easy. This rake attachment cannot handle commercial-grade work, like digging or pulling trees, but rather is designed for collecting things off the surface or only a few inches below the ground. The width of this product is 60” and the height is 35 5/8”. The teeth are each a little less than 6” apart, perfect for collecting and moving objects of all sizes. The top teeth measure at 1/2" in thickness, while the bottom teeth measure 3/8" in thickness. Features: - Universal skid steer style hookup - Solid backplate - Powder coated finish - Pro duty construction - Kickstand for upright storage Specifications: - Weight: 372 lbs - Width: 60" - Side Thickness: 1/2" - Tine Thickness: 1/2" - Number of tines: 11 - Tine spacing: 5.75"

EAN: 0737069522708