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Titan Attachments

Titan Attachments Box Blade Tractor Attachment 5' Quick Hitch 3 Point Pin Style

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Brand: Titan Attachments


  • GREAT ALLAROUND ATTACHMENT: A box blade is one of the most essential tractor attachments for everyone from professional farmers to weekend warriors. Perfect for leveling your driveway, lightduty ripping, finish grading, backfilling, and many more of your essential maintenance operations.
  • HEAVYDUTY BUILD: Massive 4"x4" square tubing shank support runs 60" between the 6.25mm sidepanels thats almost ¼" thick! Dual 12mm steel braces run from the 17" deep rollformed moldboard to the hitch to keep your scraper squared under stress. Gussets between hitch and shank support tube for ad
  • CUTTING EDGES AND TEETH INCLUDED: Two reversible and replaceable curved, hardened steel cutting edges included one in front for general use and one in back for backfilling. Also comes with 5 scarifier teeth each with a height of 18.25" and tooth width of 1" and 4 pin-through adjustment levels
  • FIT: Titan Attachments recommends you buy a box blade with a width that will slightly exceed the outside width of your back tractor tires. We offer box blades in 4, 5, 6, and 7 models.
  • WE NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER! For trucking company to schedule delivery. Without it there will be delays.

Details: This box blade is an absolute essential for anyone with a tractor. Landscaping, gardening, yard work, leveling, backfilling, grading, and more.  Stop buying more gravel for your driveway and use the scarifier teeth to dig it back up and let the cutting edges level it it out.  Need something with a little extra pushing power? Use the back cutting edge and roll-formed moldboard of this box blade like a bulldozer for extra pushing power or light digging, then turn around and drag your front cutting edge and scarifier teeth over the same area to finish the job.  Do not hit a large pile of dirt at a high speed! This could put too much stress on your box blade and cause damage. Carefully push off the top of the pile, then drag the blade back forward over the pile, slowly working your way down until you’ve achieved a level surface again. Features: - 4”x4” square tubing shank support - 7 scarifier teeth - Pin-style 3 point hitch - We offer box blades in 4’, 5’, 6’, and 7’ models.   Specifications: - 12mm dual steel braces - 6.25mm thick side-panels - Tooth height 18.25”H x 1.38”W

EAN: 0049008262874