TopSoon 2-Pack Plastic Chair Cover for Storage Waterproof Dust-proof Armchair Cover Sofa Bag 46-inch by 76-inch Clear


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Brand: TopSoon

Color: Clear


  • This plastic chair cover is made of premium grade 100% new polyethylene
  • Ideal use to protect your chair, armchair and other furniture from dirt, dust and water
  • Waterproof and dust-proof, great for chair storage indoor and outdoor
  • Highly transparent and tear-resistant plastic bag for multi-purpose
  • Chair Cover Size 76 inches wide by 46 inches deep 1.5 Mil thick, pack of 2

Details: ● This plastic chair cover is made with premium grade all new, non-recycled plastic, highly transparent
● Keep your furniture well protected even in long term storage.
● Waterproof and dust-proof, ideal use for protecting furniture from dirt, dust and water.
● Great use to protect furniture like armchair, wicker chair, wheelchair, etc.

Size: 76″ wide by 46″ deep
Thickness: 1.5 Mil
Pack of 2

UPC: 612068797794