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Tritogenia Cyprus Charcoal Grill, Foukou, with One Variable Speed 0-55RPM One 6RPM Rotisserie Motors, 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Grill, and Adjustable Height Regulator

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Brand: Tritogenia


  • The Cyprus Grill from Tritogenia makes grilling with charcoal easy and convenient – it grills while you enjoy company, playing, swimming in your pool. Roasting cubes of pork, lamb, leg of lamb, quartered or whole chicken is easy, the roast is succulent, juicy, unbelievable taste. NO MORE FLARE-UP FROM DRIPPING FAT - OUR MULTISPEED MOTOR TURNS SO FAST THAT FLARE-UPS FROM DRIPPING FAT ARE HISTORY. AND NO MORE UNHEALTHY BURNED MEAT ON GRATES.
  • The Grill is equipped with: 3 long stainless steel (304-type) skewers for barbecuing 2”x2” (approximately) cubes of meat preferably pork (butt or loin), lamb (shoulder or leg), beef (sirloin tip steak or round steak) or quartered chicken. The long skewers have Adjustable Height Regulator that can adjust the height of the charcoal in a sec. with a push of a lever.
  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Grill that attaches to the Adjustable Height Regulator to grill steaks, chicken, hamburgers, sausages, chicken, fish, and vegetables 11 short stainless steel (304-type) skewers for souvlaki preferably pork (butt or loin), lamb (shoulder or leg), beef (sirloin tip steak or round steak) or chicken breast.
  • One Tritogenia Variable Speed motor 0-55RPM that can be powered from 120V. at home or the 12V battery of your car on a picnic. The motor rotates CW/CCW and it can turn up to 40 lbs of balanced cubes of meat, a $85.99 value. 1-120Volts 6RPM Motors that can handle 18lbs or 3 long skewers, rotates CW/CCW, a $29.99 value. The Tritogenia Grill is Heavy Duty construction and is made of steel with a thickness 2.5 mm to last for many years. Grill Dimensions: 70LX33WX60H cm.

Details: The Tritogenia Cyprus grill is grilling for you while you are entertaining your company; no more standing on top of the grill to watch the meat. And when is finished you will be surprised by the succulent taste of the grilled meat.

EAN: 0619730278926