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Unicel FS-3053 Complete Replacement DE Filter Grid Set Sta-Rite System 3 S8D110

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Brand: Unicel


  • Diameter: not available; length: not available
  • Top end cap: not available, 0-inch inner diameter; bottom end cap: not available, 0-inch inner diameter
  • Pleat count: not available; filter media: not available; filter area: 53 square feet
  • Get more efficient filtration and better water clarity with Unicel filters
  • Longer time between cleanings; meets oem specifications

Details: Sta-Rite System:3 Model S8D110 SD Series DE Filter SET. Note: Sta-Rite model S8D110; set is comprised of 13 grids: 3 FG-3916 and 2 each of FG-3011, FG-3015, FG-3016, and 4 FG-3019.