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Unwind Luxury Cooling Foam Mattress - Ultra-Soft Visco Elastic Foam Mattresses - Higher Quality Than Memory Foam - Best for Back and Body Support - Queen Size

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Brand: Unwind

Color: Grey


  • A BETTER MATTRESS: The Unwind mattress has improved on the design of traditional memory foam beds. We use state-of-the-art visco elastic foam which is softer and more readily conforms to your body. Bask in the feeling of luxury with softness, stretch, and comfort you never knew were possible.
  • QUEEN SIZE: This mattress is a full - 80" x 60" x 11 Inches. The deep design is built around a safe high-quality dense CertiPUR-US certified foam core which absorbs vibrations and provides core support. This safe mattress is entirely fiberglass-free and uses a rayon-based fire retardant.
  • TRUE LUXURY FEEL: Unwind Mattresses feature a patented response layer of high rebound foam which instantly responds to your body. Memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses will feel hard when you first lay down and adjust to your body over time, but the 3 layer Unwind immediately greets you with comfort.
  • UNWIND SLEEP: We provide mattresses that put sleep quality above all else. We have used advanced textiles and materials from around the world to create sleep products that innovate to give better health and comfort. Our goal is to deliver better sleep than you knew was possible.
  • YOUR BED-IN-A-BOX: This mattress is efficiently compressed into a small box to keep space and costs down to a minimum. For convenience, we suggest unpacking inside your home in the bedroom. The bed can take up to 72 hours to fully expand.

Details: Unwind Sleep - The Unwind Sleep Bed (Queen Size, 80 x 60 x 11 Inches) Unwind Mattresses are of the best possible quality to deliver you a better, more comfortable, healthier sleep. Other mattresses use fiberglass as a fire retardant material. Over time this fiberglass breaks down into small invisible pieces as you use the mattresses and will poke through the mattress irritating the skin and being breathed into the lungs. We use a harmless and more comfortable rayon-based material. This is just one of the ways we've innovated the quality of modern mattresses. Instead of memory foam which is hard when you first lay down and slowly adjusts to your body we use an advanced visco elastic foam with our own patented instant response high-rebound top layer, and dense core to give you a comforting 3-layer softness the moment you tough your bed. At the center we use a core of high-density foam. This core absorbs vibrations and gives unequaled back and body support. Our foams are CertiPUR-US certified to be free of any harmful chemicals. We've sourced state of the art fabrics to create a bed that gives you the best cooling, softness, stretch, and comfort possible. Our beds are assembled in the USA and manufactured in safe facilities that ensure fair labor practices in Mexico. Unwind sleep focuses on sleep quality above all else while other suppliers cut corners for costs. Our bed-in-a-box solution is designed from the ground up to create a level of luxury and comfort you never knew was possible. We're based in El Paso, Texas right here in America. We believe we have a social responsibility and align ourselves with suppliers that do the same. Together we supported charities like the Children's Advocacy Center, March of Dimes, United Way, and founded the Juarez Symphony Orchestra for children. We're committed to making an impact in the lives of others through contributions and our products. Discover true comfort when you Unwind.

EAN: 0850010053172