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VEVOR Electric Pool Heater 11KW 220V Swimming Pool Electric Heater SPA Heater Electric Assistant Digital fit for Thermostat,Note:You Must Wire This Item Yourself

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Brand: VEVOR


  • 【HIGH-QUALITY POOL HEATER】- Power: 11 KW; Input Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz; Current: 50A; Product Size: 18.7 x 14 x 3.9"; The swimming pool heater adopts an aluminum-coated housing plate, using stainless steel heating tube for anti-corrosion. It features fast heat exchange efficiency and good anti-rust performance.
  • 【FLOW TEMPERATURE SENSOR】- The electric pool heater adopts the advanced control system. The flow-temperature sensor is always under the control of software, accurately and timely monitoring the temperature status of the whole heating system.
  • 【INTELLIGENT SELF-CHECKING SYSTEM】- The intelligent self-diagnose function can detect automatically to reach the set temperature. Temperature setting range: 22℃~50℃ or 72℉~122℉; The power supply of the heater will cut off to protect the pool heater from unexpected situations.
  • 【SAFE & EASY TO OPERATE】- The electric heat pump pool heater is not complicated to operate the whole installation method. The product is easy and quick to control by tripping the power switch automatically with high security. Note:You must wire this item yourself.
  • 【VERSATILE USAGE PLACE】- The swimming pool water heater conducts automatic heating with a stable temperature to create a more comfortable environment. It is specially designed for a hot tub, massage pool, and hot spring to heat and keep warm.Capacity:Less than 7.5CBM(1981 gallon);Suitable For: Max 7.5CBM (1981 gallon) Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Equipment.

Details: Pool Heater Electric Spa Heater Electric Heating and fit for Thermostat Pool Heat Pump Note:You must wire this item yourself. 1. Check the circulation system first before turn on the heater 2. Never disassemble the heater when connecting to power supply 3. Never turn on the heater without water 4. No power switch is designed for the heater. The front panel switch can only turn off the controller, thus you should cut off the main power supply before performing maintenance or repair 5. Proper grounding is important 6. Start the circulation pump for at least 2 minutes before turn on the heater, and turn off the circulation pump at least 2 minutes after turn off the heater 7. Once unexpected high temperature 60℃(140℉)occurs, the temperature switch cuts off the system. You need to cut off the main power supply, resolve the fault and wait the temperature to fall below normal temperature, then press the 'Reset' button to restart the heater Feature Sensor technique are: A. The flow-temperature sensor is always under the control of software, accurately monitoring the temperature status of the whole system, and then adjust the settings to maintain the water temperature and protect the heater from unexpected situations; B. No mechanical sensors, avoid any mechanical failure to affect the function of the heater; C. Avoid affection of ion accumulation to mechanical sensors; D. Greatly reduce unnecessary circulation cycles, prolong the life of circulation pumps and save more energy. Intelligent self-diagnose function: The control system keeps on monitoring the running status of every parts of the heater, and quickly reacts and displays corresponding hint message for any incident, so as to avoid any damage or malfunction happens Package List 1 x Pool Heater 2 x Interface