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Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven | Traditional Italian-Style Handmade Refractory Cement Dome With Terracotta Brick Facade And Iron Door | Wood Burning Brick Pizza Oven From Portugal

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Brand: EuroFlame

Color: Off-White, Brick Red


  • 🇵🇹 Handmade with love from Portugal! The EuroFlame Amadora is specifically designed with a low-ceiling to redirect heat to the oven floor for high-heat, fast and easy cooking.
  • 🍕 Cooks Two 12" Italian-Style Pizzas at a time in only 90 seconds! The low fire-brick ceiling keeps the heat high near the floor of the oven so your pizza dough cooks through quickly and your toppings are sizzling in seconds. This allows you to host larger family gatherings or parties where you need to cook and serve pizzas quickly in a short time frame.
  • 🪵 Wood-fired heat adds flavor and woody aromatics to your dining experience. This authentic style of outdoor cooking introduces new tastes and textures you will not find using an electric or gas oven. Try experimenting with different hardwoods like oak, hickory, or apple wood!
  • 💪🏽 Sturdy fire-brick and refractory cement construction means your oven will last for many years without cracking or sagging. An inner layer of steel and rockwool insulation allow you to heat the oven to extreme temperatures without fear of damaging your oven. Even when you have a roaring fire in the oven, the exterior concrete surface should remain cool to the touch.
  • 🤌🏼 Authentic construction means you are cooking with the same tools that generations of Italian families used to create their world-renowned cuisine. Whether you are cooking pizza, pork, fish, bread, or vegetables, you know for a fact that the tools in your hands have been tested by generations of artisans.

Details: The EuroFlame Amadora is an Outdoor, Wood-Fired Pizza Oven specifically designed for cooking authentic, Italian-style pizza. Each Amadora oven is handmade in Portugal using refractory cement and brick. WHY DO CUSTOMERS LOVE THE EUROFLAME AMADORA OUTDOOR WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN? Our customers LOVE the EuroFlame Amadora Wood Fired Pizza Oven because it is the most authentic, Italian-style model of wood fired pizza oven available for sale in the United States. Our Amadora ovens are handmade by Portgugese artisans in the city of Alcobaça, just a couple hours north of the port city of Lisbon. The city grew along the valleys of the rivers Alcoa and Baça in in A.D. 1137, from which the city derives its name. Today, every fire brick in every EuroFlame oven is produced locally as they have been for centuries. Those age-old materials are then carefully crafted into the finest Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens on the market. Each Amadora Wood Fired Pizza Oven has an inner layer of brick and mortar which is then covered with refractory cement. Our standard finish is white, but you can paint or tile your white-domed oven to match your outdoor kitchen. We recommend that you first cure your oven and use it for a few weeks and treat with our Oven Repair Kit before you paint. EUROFLAME AMADORA WOOD FIRE PIZZA OVEN KEY FEATURES: Triple insulated with Rockwool insulation to keep the heat inside the oven leaving the outside cool to the touch Fold-down iron door with a latch to shut the door and a tap hole strip for regulating oxygen to the fire while the door is shut 6” chimney pipe or "flue pipe" with damper to funnel smoke away from the oven (chimney pipe extensions and caps are available separately)