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Wzdszuilbx Mini Fridge Car Refrigerator, Mini Refrigerator, Car Home Dual-use 12v / 24v, Refrigerated Refrigerator Freezer Refrigerated Freezing Partition Refrigerator (Size : 32L)

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Brand: Wzdszuil

Color: Black


  • Small and stylish-This space-saving small refrigerator stores food, soda, beer and other beverages with minimal energy without taking up too much space.
  • ♚High-quality compressor brings strong cooling effect. When working at normal temperature of 20C to 25 ℃, the temperature in the warehouse can be as low as -25 ℃, keeping fresh for long-distance driving
  • ♚High-efficiency compressor not only provides good quick cooling performance, but also meets the needs of 40C outdoor operation. 50 ℃ ~ -25 ℃, realizing wide temperature change, providing different storage temperature for various foods.
  • ♚The anti-seismic performance of the compressor of the car refrigerator refrigeration system during the mountain road experimental test, the refrigeration performance of the harsh environment operation is excellent, and even the bumpy and swaying mountain roads are stable.
  • ♚Adjustable 3 gear modes to protect your car battery, so you do n’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the refrigerator and causing the car battery to run out of power, fail to catch fire or malfunction.

Details: Ultra-quiet-low sound operation (45 decibels) is perfect for places where you don't want to use noisy equipment-waiting rooms, TVs, and game rooms. Capacity: 20L or more Shape: Box (open upward) Power supply: 220V AC / 12V DC color: black

EAN: 4314589530619