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YXDFG Sofa Seat Chair 2-Seat Couch Sofa 2-Seat Floor Sofa Reclining Reclining Floor Sofa Floor Sofa Sofa Bed Pact Low Sofa,Dark Blue

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Brand: YXDFG

Color: Dark Blue


  • Compact size that can be placed in one room: Recommended for living alone due to its compact size. A low-style sofa that makes your room look spacious!
  • Low style that makes the room look spacious: You can get the longed-for sofa life even in a small room.
  • Enveloped and voluminous construction: Soft and fluffy cushioning with a solid thickness. The fluffy backrest and smooth fabric that wraps around your body feels good to the touch.
  • Relax freely with 5-step reclining: The elbows and backrest have a reclining function and can be adjusted to any angle.
  • Size: 160 x 70 x 43 cm Material: Steel pipe, urethane foam, urethane tip, 100% polyester Weight: Approximately 15 kg.

EAN: 3001612425936