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zlw-shop Firewood Kindling Splitter 20.0 Inch (H) Manual Rebar Wood Splitter Manual Kinding Log Wood Splitter with Square Base and V-Shaped Blade

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Brand: zlw-shop


  • √ V-type manual wood splitter, chopping wood with less force than standard axe
  • √ Product size: top ring diameter 10.4 inches, base 14.7 inches wide and 20.0 inches high
  • √ The wood splitter is made of high-quality rebar, and the welding seam will not be broken. It is simple to use and saves time and effort.
  • √ Square base prevents rollover and can withstand considerable impact when splitting the wood
  • √ 10.4 inch inner diameter. The top ring provides more space to handle large pieces of firewood, and the height of 20.0 inches allows you to split long pieces of firewood