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Zodiac Jandy A49 Factory Tune-Up Kit for Polaris Vac Sweep Pressure Side Cleaner

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Brand: Zodiac


  • Two Axles, Large (with Sand/Gravel Guard) - C66
  • Eight Ball Bearings, Wheels - C60
  • One Wheel Screw, Plastic - C55
  • Four Wheel Washers, Plastic - C64
  • Three Tires, MaxTrax - C10

Details: The Polaris 280/180 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Factory Tune Up Kit contains all the necessary parts you'll need to successfully repair or upgrade your automatic swimming pool cleaner. Included in the kit are cosmetic replacement parts, like wheels to stand up against external damages, as well as internal replacement parts, including axle kits and ball bearings to guard against further wear and tear. Keep your Polaris pool cleaner in top condition with the Polaris 280/180 Factory Tune Up Kit.