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ZRXRY Detached Patio Heater, 3000W Rapid Heating, Adjustable Height Electricpatio Heater, IP Certified Water Proof IP44, Black

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Brand: ZRXRY


  • [RAPID HEATING]: Terrace heater, using the most advanced infrared technology, can bring you instant warmth in just 3 seconds. Unlike similar products, this outdoor patio heater is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and will save up to 50% of energy consumption.
  • [SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION]: Does not produce harmful odors, chemicals or smoke. Ideal for pavilions, terraces, balconies, indoor or outdoor living spaces. If the patio heater overheats or tip over, it will automatically turn off. Both tipping protection and overheating protection allow you to enjoy the warmth without worrying about safety hazards.
  • [OVERHEAT PROTECTION]: The electric heater suitable for large rooms can detect the temperature by itself and maintain a comfortable temperature. If the temperature is too high, the heater will automatically shut down, and if the temperature is lower than the set value, it will resume work quietly. Put it in the bedroom to ensure you have a warm sleep every night in winter.
  • [INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE]: The high-level power supply allows you to efficiently heat in the large garage in the cold winter. Suitable for outdoor terraces and commercial outdoor spaces. Although it is a patio heater, you can also place it indoors. A high-quality electric heater can warm the whole cold winter.
  • [ADVANCED FAR-INFRARED TECHNOLOGY]: Using high-efficiency halogen heating tube, it will not oxidize during heating, has a long service life, and can heat the human body instead of the surrounding air.

Details: Advanced heating technology: The terrace heater uses halogen lamps as the heating element, which can be heated in only 3 seconds and emit warm sunlight. Will not release any dioxide, thus saving energy and protecting the environment. Indoor and outdoor use: Heat heats a wide range of objects, which means you and your guests will have a larger area to feel comfortable, suitable for terraces, balconies and other outdoor occasions. Terrace heaters have no flames, so they are safer than heaters with real flames. 3000W is enough for outdoor use: immediately heat the area you leave. You can hang this patio heater on the doghouse. Dogs will be very warm in the cold winter. Our patio heaters provide warmth to all your family in winter. Quiet: The terrace heater is electric and has no fan design. The heater heats your room quickly and quietly. Clean: no odor, no dust. Does not produce odors, chemicals or fumes. If you want a healthy heater, your best choice. Specification: Name: Terrace heater Style: Lifting Gear power: 1200/1800/3000W Voltage: 220V/50HZ Heating component: halogen/carbon fiber heating Safety protection: overheat protection/tilting power off Protection level: IP44 Wire length: 5 meters in total length (3 meters exposed) Packing List: 1 x patio heater