Allegro Industries 9535-08 Air Bag 8 Blower with 15′ Ducting Black and Yellow


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Introducing the Allegro Industries 9535-08 Air Bag 8! This powerful 8″ blower comes with 15′ of durable ducting. Perfect for ventilation and confined space work. Get yours in sleek black today!


Brand: Allegro Industries

Color: Black and Yellow


  • Lightweight, metal 8” (20.3cm) blower
  • 1/4 HP
  • UL Recognized, CSA Certified
  • Polypropylene seven blade fan
  • Ducting: 15′ Single-ply lightweight vinyl/polyester, PVC coated 180°F (82.2°C) temperature resistant


The Allegro Industries 9535-08 Air Bag 8 is a powerful and efficient blower that is perfect for ventilation in various industrial settings. This lightweight metal blower features a 8″ diameter and is equipped with a polypropylene seven blade fan, ensuring optimal airflow. With a 1/4 HP motor, this blower provides impressive performance while remaining energy-efficient. The blower comes with a 15′ single-ply lightweight vinyl/polyester ducting, which is coated with PVC to withstand temperatures of up to 180°F (82.2°C). The black and yellow design adds a touch of visibility and style to the unit. Additionally, this blower is UL Recognized and CSA Certified, guaranteeing its safety and reliability. Upgrade your ventilation system with the Allegro Industries 9535-08 Air Bag 8.

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