Anjon Manufacturing Big Frog EcoDrive Waterfall Pump 6500 GPH Black


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Boost the beauty of your pond with the Anjon Manufacturing BFED6500 Big Frog EcoDrive Waterfall Pump. This powerful pump delivers an impressive 6500 GPH, ensuring a stunning waterfall display. Trust in its eco-friendly design to provide reliable and efficient water circulation for your aquatic oasis.


Brand: Anjon Manufacturing

Color: Black


  • Engineered for 24-hour use
  • Not oil filled- fish safe biodegradable oil for bearings only
  • High quality seals for long and efficient pump life
  • Overload sensor shut-off protection to keep pump from over heating or burning out
  • Full 2-year warranty


The Anjon Manufacturing BFED6500 Big Frog EcoDrive Waterfall Pump 6500 GPH is a reliable and efficient pump designed for 24-hour use. It features high-quality seals that ensure a long and efficient pump life. The pump is not oil-filled, making it safe for fish and the environment. It uses biodegradable oil for the bearings only. With overload sensor shut-off protection, it prevents overheating and burning out. Backed by a full 2-year warranty, this black-colored pump is a great choice for maintaining a beautiful and healthy pond or waterfall.

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