AO Smith 2.5 hp 3450rpm 56J Frame 230 Volts Swimming Pool Pump Motor – Black


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Upgrade your swimming pool pump motor with the powerful AO Smith Electric Motor #UST1252. This 2.5 hp motor delivers an impressive 3450 rpm and operates at 230 volts. With its durable 56J frame, it’s the perfect choice for maintaining efficient pool circulation.

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Brand: AO Smith

Color: Black


The 2.5 hp 3450rpm 56J Frame 230 Volts Swimming Pool Pump Motor by AO Smith Electric Motor is a reliable and high-performance motor designed specifically for swimming pool pumps. With its powerful 2.5 horsepower and 3450rpm speed, it ensures efficient water circulation and filtration to keep your pool clean and clear. The 56J Frame design provides a sturdy and durable construction, while the 230 Volts power supply ensures optimal performance. This motor is made by AO Smith, a trusted brand known for its quality and reliability. With its sleek black color, it seamlessly blends with any pool equipment setup. Upgrade your pool pump with the AO Smith Electric Motor UST1252 for efficient and reliable performance.

UPC: 663001454670

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