AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer Blue


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Powerful and versatile, the AR Blue Clean BMXP32300-BNDLNC electric pressure washer makes outdoor cleaning a breeze. With a max PSI of 2300 and a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, it effortlessly tackles tough dirt and grime. Complete with a 12′ quick connect extension lance, trigger gun, and 25′ hose, this lightweight and portable pressure washer is the ultimate cleaning companion.

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Brand: AR Blue Clean

Color: Blue


  • Bundle Includes: Quick Connect Lance
  • 12″ Aluminum Quick Connect Extension Lance
  • 2300 Max PSI Rating
  • 1.5 Max GPM Rating
  • INCLUDES: Gun, Lance, Hose, Nozzle & Foamer


The AR Blue Clean BMXP32300-BNDLNC is a high-performing electric pressure washer that comes bundled with a 12′ Quick Connect Extension Lance for added convenience. With a maximum PSI rating of 2300 and a maximum GPM rating of 1.5, this pressure washer is designed to tackle tough cleaning tasks with ease. The bundle includes a trigger gun, a 25′ hose, and a variety of nozzles and foamer, providing you with everything you need to get started right away. With its easy quick connection lance, this pressure washer is not only powerful but also incredibly user-friendly. Lightweight at just 49 lbs, the AR Blue Clean BMXP32300-BNDLNC is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial use.

UPC: 192216700390

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Dimensions 25.0 × 18.0 × 36.0 cm