Auplex Ceramic BBQ 13 Inch Mini Portable Grill Outdoor Clay Charcoal Oven Barbecue Grill Black


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Introducing the Auplex Ceramic BBQ – a compact and portable 13-inch grill perfect for outdoor adventures. Experience the authentic taste of charcoal-grilled food anytime, anywhere with this clay oven barbecue. Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with this mini powerhouse.

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Brand: Auplex

Color: Black


  • An Oven, Stove, Bbq And Smoker? – The Ceramic Kamado allows you to smoke, bake, roast,BBQ and sear with a simple adjustment to the air flow and by using direct or indirect heat. Not to mention a cooking range as low as 82°C to over 399°C, which most BBQs cannot achieve. The bottom line is that you can cook anything on our BBQ.
  • Unmistakable Charcoal Taste – There’s nothing like a sizzling mouth-watering steak infused with the flavour of charcoal. That authentic taste is why Ceramic Kamado is fast becoming the number one choice for the backyard entertainer. Up to heat and ready to cook in only 15 minutes, the charcoal burns extremely clean and hot for long periods of time.
  • High Tightness Egg Design Superiority – Its’ egg design can ensure good heat-circulation inside the grill, so the food can be cooked evenly, the temperature goes very fast through internal recycle and convection, it’s high tightness can make the food more juicy and delicious, more fuel saving compared to common grill. We use lump charcoal, which is also more environmental
  • Kamado Material Advantage – The 3cm ceramic wall has a tremendous heat storage capacity, which can absorbs the heat for hours, and the wall give kamado barbecue excellent insulation, high efficiency, it can hold very high and very low temperatures, reach the temperature between 50-800 degree, making them perfect for grilling and smoking.
  • Your Own Backyard Pizza Oven – Your friends and family with the unique flavours of a wood fired pizza ? just like the master chefs! Pizzas can be baked on our ceramic pizza stone which can also be used to bake fresh bread!


The Auplex Ceramic BBQ 13 Inch Mini Portable Grill Outdoor Clay Charcoal Oven Barbecue Grill is a versatile cooking appliance that combines the functions of an oven, stove, BBQ, and smoker. With its adjustable air flow and direct or indirect heat options, you can smoke, bake, roast, BBQ, and sear a wide range of dishes. Unlike most BBQs, this grill offers a cooking range from as low as 82°C to over 399°C, allowing you to cook anything with precision. The charcoal used in this grill infuses a distinctive and authentic taste to your food, making it a favorite among backyard entertainers. The high tightness egg design ensures even heat circulation, resulting in perfectly cooked and juicy food. The 3cm ceramic wall provides excellent insulation, allowing the grill to reach temperatures between 50-800 degrees, ideal for grilling and smoking. Additionally, you can use the ceramic pizza stone to bake delicious pizzas and fresh bread. Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with the Auplex Ceramic BBQ 13 Inch Mini Portable Grill.

UPC: 737417141162

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