AYCHLG Mini Swimming Pool Heater 12000Btu/Hr Above-Ground Pools


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Stay warm and enjoy a relaxing swim with the AYCHLG 12000Btu/Hr Mini Swimming Pool Heater. This compact and efficient device is designed to work with water pressure of over 20kPa, ensuring a steady flow of warm water in your above-ground pool. With its electric water heater thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature to create a perfect spa-like experience. Installation requires an electrician with GFCI.

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  • Note:Must Work with at Least 0.75HP Circulating Pump,water pressure more than 20kPa.Need 24 hours For Heating Pool.Suitable for pools up to 2000 gallons in coastal climates.the temperature ranged from 40 °F-122 °F (5 °C-50 °C).Material: Metal;Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz;Power: 3KW;Current: 14A;Phase Parameters: Single Phase;NOTE:One interface is 50mm, the other port is 32mm, please note the size of the pipe before use.
  • A Better Way to Extend Your Swim Season: Nothing beats a warm swimming pool for your kids, pets and the whole family! What you’ll need is a highly efficient, low operating cost heating system – an AYCHLG pool heat pump for your pool to extend the fun for a few more months!
  • Superb Energy Saver:The pool heater is a heat pump specifically designed for swimming pools. The operation only requires very limited electric input, hence its high efficiency and heat conversion rate can reach a score of COP 84.2.
  • The product is easy to operate, provides a mechanical fit for thermostat switch, you can set the temperature of temperature technology
  • The product is small, suitable for: hot tub & swimming pool equipment and it is easy to install in the bathtub at the bottom of the circulating massage pipe


The AYCHLG 12000Btu/Hr Mini Swimming Pool Heater is a highly efficient and reliable solution for extending your swim season. Designed to work with water pressure of more than 20kPa and a circulating pump of at least 0.75HP, this electric water heater thermostat is perfect for above-ground pools up to 2000 gallons in coastal climates. With a temperature range of 40 °F-122 °F (5 °C-50 °C), it provides a warm and comfortable swimming experience for you, your family, and even your pets. Made with durable metal and featuring a voltage of 220-240V/50-60Hz, power of 3KW, and current of 14A, this pool heater is both efficient and easy to operate. Its small size makes it suitable for hot tubs and swimming pool equipment, and installation is a breeze. Please note the pipe sizes before use. Experience a longer and more enjoyable swim season with the AYCHLG Mini Swimming Pool Heater.

UPC: 755205582089