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Enjoy warm and relaxing pool sessions with our powerful 222000Btu/Hr Swimming Pool Heater. Designed for pools up to 40000 gallons, this heater is perfect for swimming pools, spa pools, and bathtubs. With a wired three-phase 40A GFCI and a convenient thermostat, this heater helps maintain your preferred water temperature for a blissful swimming experience.

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Color: Orange


  • 1.220,000 BTU/ hr in coastal climates,the temperature ranged from 71.6 °F-122 °F (22 °C-50 °C)
  • Suitable for 40,000 Gallons -300 sqft In ground Pools, 27′ Round-18 x 33 Oval Above ground pools ( Long Island NY- Corpus Christi TX) . If you are not sure about your area’s suitability or performance rating, please sned us your zipcode and pool size and we will size it for you.
  • 3.Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and Serviced by Coasts
  • 4.Suitable for ALL Hot Tubs,Above Ground Inground Pool Swimming Pool.
  • 5. 54KW,60 HZ American Voltage.Wired To three Phase 40A GFCI,Use With Water Pump.


The AYCHLG 222000Btu/Hr Swimming Pool Heater is a reliable and efficient solution for heating swimming pools, SPA pools, and bathtubs. With a powerful 220,000 BTU/hr capacity, this heater is perfect for coastal climates where the temperature ranges from 71.6 °F to 122 °F (22 °C to 50 °C). It is designed to heat up to 40,000 gallons or 300 sqft in-ground pools, as well as 27′ round or 18 x 33 oval above ground pools. Manufactured and serviced by Coasts, this heater ensures excellent performance and longevity. It is suitable for all hot tubs, above ground, and inground swimming pools. Wired to a three-phase 40A GFCI, this heater can be easily used with a water pump. Upgrade your pool experience with the AYCHLG 222000Btu/Hr Swimming Pool Heater.

UPC: 755205585639

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