AYCHLG Swimming Pool Heater Thermostat 85000Btu/Hr for Pools, Spas, and Bathtubs – Wired to Three Phase 40A GFCI


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Upgrade your swimming pool experience with the AYCHLG 85000Btu/Hr Pool Heater Thermostat. Perfect for pools, spas, and bathtubs, this high-performance heater is designed to keep your water at the ideal temperature. With a robust three-phase 40A GFCI connection, this heater is both reliable and safe. Say goodbye to chilly pool days and hello to pure warmth and relaxation.

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  • 1.85,000 BTU/ hr in coastal climates,the temperature ranged from 71.6 °F-122 °F (22 °C-50 °C)
  • Suitable for 20,000 Gallons -200 sqft In ground Pools, 27′ Round-18 x 33 Oval Above ground pools ( Long Island NY- Corpus Christi TX) . If you are not sure about your area’s suitability or performance rating, please sned us your zipcode and pool size and we will size it for you.
  • 3.Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and Serviced by Coasts
  • 4.Suitable for ALL Hot Tubs,Above Ground Inground Pool Swimming Pool.
  • 5. 24KW,60 HZ American Voltage.Wired to three Phase 40A GFCI.Use With Water Pump.


The AYCHLG 85000Btu/Hr Swimming Pool Heater is a reliable and efficient solution for keeping your pool water at the perfect temperature. With a heating capacity of 85,000 BTU/hr, this thermostat is suitable for pools up to 20,000 gallons in size. Whether you have an in-ground pool, spa pool, bathtub, or above-ground pool, this heater is designed to meet your needs. Manufactured and serviced by Coasts, a trusted brand in the industry, this heater is built to last. It is wired to a three-phase 40A GFCI, ensuring safe and reliable operation. With its ability to maintain a temperature range of 71.6°F to 122°F (22°C to 50°C), this pool heater is perfect for coastal climates. It is also suitable for all hot tubs and swimming pools. Upgrade your pool experience with the AYCHLG Swimming Pool Heater.

UPC: 755205582126