Bearon Manufacturing WEEDS AWAY 1HP 115V DOCK MOUNT included Protects Ponds & Lakes from Weeds Bearon Aquatics W1000.050 (50 Feet Cord) With Dock Mount


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Get rid of pesky weeds in your pond or lake with Weed Away! This powerful 1HP, 115V dock mount is the ultimate solution for weed control. With Bearon Aquatics’ W1000.050 model, you can ensure a weed-free waterbody and enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment.


Brand: Bearon Manufacturing

Color: With Dock Mount


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: 1-HP Energy Efficient, Made in USA Motor helps to keep it running 24/7 while making sure that you save enough and your pond stays protected while you are asleep.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: 1-HP Motor is capable of pushing water approximately 100 feet and creates a current of water to remove weeds, much silt and suspended debris away from docks or swimming holes.
  • UL & CSA Compliant: The unit exceeds NEMA specifications and is UL & CSA compliant and is C.E. certified as well.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 115 Volts, 7.0/3.5 Amps, Single phase, 50/60 cycle, Available with 50, 100 & 150 feet Quick Disconnect Power Cords.
  • FULL UNIT: Weeds Away W1000 1-HP comes with Dock Mount along with sacrificial custom designed aluminum alloy anode and is easy to install, WARRANTY: Comes with a 2 years warranty as well.


The WEEDS AWAY 1HP Pond and Lake Weed Control System is a powerful and energy-efficient solution to keep your waterways clear of weeds and debris. With its 1-HP motor, this system can push water up to 100 feet, creating a current that removes weeds, silt, and suspended debris from docks or swimming holes. Made in the USA, the motor is designed to run 24/7 while saving energy and protecting your pond. The unit is UL & CSA compliant and exceeds NEMA specifications, ensuring safety and reliability. Easy to install, the system comes with a dock mount and a sacrificial custom designed aluminum alloy anode. It is available with a 50-feet cord, and it also comes with a 2-year warranty. Keep your pond or lake clear and beautiful with the WEEDS AWAY 1HP Pond and Lake Weed Control System.

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