Blackfire – Klein Tools Outdoors Portable Power Station PAC505 Solar Generator


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Introducing Blackfire – the ultimate portable power station from Klein Tools Outdoors. Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery and 120V/500W AC outlet, it’s perfect for camping, tailgating, and emergency backup power. Harness the sun’s energy with built-in solar charging capabilities. Take charge wherever you go with the Blackfire Portable Power Station.

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Brand: Blackfire


  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 505Wh (46.8Ah/10.8V) battery capacity utilizing tier-1 Lithium-Ion cells offering the best performance to ensure you can count on having superior power. Power a 300W blender for 80 minutes, a 60W Mini Fridge for 37 Hours, a 50W Air Pump for 8 Hours, a 5W LED Bulb for 80 Hours, and more!
  • OUTPUT: (2) 120V AC Ports; 500W Rated Power and 1000W Surge Power delivered from a pure-sine wave inverter ensuring that power is effectively delivered and safe for sensative electronics. (4) USB ports – (2) Type A, (1) Type C, and (1) Type C PD allow for recharging of multiple devices at once while gaining the ability of harnessing the latest in USB-C power delivery technology for rapid power delivery. 12V, 10A max allows for use of cigarette lighter style plug.
  • POWER STATION RECHARGING: AC outlet (adapter included), DC carport (adapter included), or Solar Panel (sold seperatly; 105W Max) plug into an 8mm input port allowing for a variety of recharging methods whether at home or on-the-go.
  • DISPLAY: Best in class display show cases usefull information such as time until empty/full, battery information, and input / output data. Display is able to be left on or set to an auto-off function.
  • ACCESSORIES: Side mounting wireless speaker mount (sold separately). Compatible with the Blackfire BTSM1 speaker or Klein Tools AEPJS1 speaker.


The Blackfire – Klein Tools Outdoors Portable Power Station is a reliable and versatile outdoor solar generator. With a battery capacity of 505Wh, powered by tier-1 Lithium-Ion cells, it provides superior power to meet all your outdoor needs. The power station features two 120V AC ports, delivering 500W rated power and 1000W surge power through a pure-sine wave inverter, making it safe for sensitive electronics. With four USB ports, including the latest USB-C PD technology, you can recharge multiple devices simultaneously. Recharging options include AC outlet, DC carport, or solar panel (sold separately). The power station also boasts a best-in-class display, providing useful information such as battery status and input/output data. Enhance your outdoor experience with the Blackfire – Klein Tools Outdoors Portable Power Station.

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