BLACKSTONE Air Fryer Combo & Two Burners Stainless Steel Gas Hood, Wheels, Two Side Shelf – Outdoor Griddle Station 28 inch Black


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Upgrade your outdoor cooking game with the Blackstone 1962 Air Fryer Combo & Two Burners. This heavy-duty stainless steel griddle station features a gas hood, wheels, and two side shelves for convenience. Perfect for backyard grilling or patio parties, this 28-inch black beauty will take your culinary skills to new heights.

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Color: Black


  • Do more with your griddle: With the abilities to griddle, bake, cook, sauté and air fry, Blackstone Patio Griddle Station is the ultimate entertainer. Our multipurpose gas griddle makes cooking the simplest of meals much more satisfying.
  • Eat guilt-free with the built-in air fryer: This one-of-a-kind outdoor griddle can do it all – griddle, cook, sear, stir fry, roast, bake, sauté and now…drum roll please…air fry. The built-in air fryer basket allows you to create a healthier version of your favorite greasy and fried foods.
  • Cook for a crowd: The 524 square inches of carbon steel cooking top combined with 2-quart air frying capacity gives you enough space to cook everything you can on the stovetop or oven. Make “fried” chicken, potatoes, egg rolls and so much more.
  • Air fryer drawer + warming basket: Cook fries in the air fryer basket and drop them in the warming basket till your burgers cook. Air fryer basket feature a temperature control knob that allows you to cook food at three different temperatures ranging from 300°F to 475°F.
  • Patented rear grease management system: If you plan on cooking bacon or any other juicy meats, clean-up can be tedious. Luckily, our heavy-duty griddle features a rear grease trap that collects all the mess and makes after-cooking clean-up a breeze.


The Blackstone 1962 Air Fryer Combo & Two Burners Stainless Steel Gas Hood, Wheels, Two Side Shelf is the ultimate outdoor griddle station for backyard and patio cooking. This multipurpose gas griddle allows you to griddle, bake, cook, sauté, and air fry, making it perfect for entertaining. The built-in air fryer basket lets you enjoy guilt-free versions of your favorite fried foods. With 524 square inches of cooking space and a 2-quart air frying capacity, you can cook for a crowd. The air fryer drawer and warming basket provide added convenience, while the patented rear grease management system makes clean-up a breeze. Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with this heavy-duty griddle station.

UPC: 717604019627

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