Bounty Hunter Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector Black

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Discover hidden treasures with the Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector. This high-performance gadget boasts advanced features, including target ID, adjustable discrimination, and a large LCD display. With its superior accuracy and rugged design, this metal detector is perfect for both beginners and experienced treasure hunters. Start your adventure today and unearth your own piece of history.

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Brand: Bounty Hunter

Color: Black


  • Manual Ground Balance
  • Ground Grab
  • Notch System by Category
  • Continuous Discrimination System
  • 4 Level Ground Mineralization Readout


The Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector, brought to you by Bounty Hunter, is a reliable and efficient tool for all your metal detecting needs. With its sleek black design, this metal detector is not only stylish but also packed with convenient features. It offers a manual ground balance and ground grab function, allowing you to easily adapt to varying soil conditions. The notch system by category and continuous discrimination system ensure precise target identification, while the 4 level ground mineralization readout helps you adjust for different mineralization levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced treasure hunter, the Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector is a must-have tool for your adventures.

UPC: 089723120059

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