BUNN Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer Black


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Get your mornings started right with the BUNN CWTF15-APS Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer. This sleek black brewer is designed for high-volume coffee dispensing, ensuring your customers or colleagues are always satisfied. Elevate your coffee game with BUNN.


Brand: BUNN

Color: Black


  • Brew directly into portable insulated servers that keep Coffee at optimal temperature for hours
  • Accepts 1.9 to 3L Airpots
  • Digital timer enables users to make brew cycle adjustments from the front panel
  • Airpots are easily transported to meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc
  • Back-up pourover feature
  • Hot water faucet


The BUNN CWTF15-APS Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer in sleek black is a top-of-the-line addition to any business or office setting. This coffee brewer delivers convenience and efficiency, allowing you to brew directly into portable insulated servers, ensuring your coffee stays at the perfect temperature for hours. It accepts 1.9 to 3L airpots and features a digital timer for easy brew cycle adjustments. The back-up pour-over feature guarantees uninterrupted service, while the hot water faucet adds versatility to your beverage options. Upgrade your coffee service with this reliable and stylish BUNN coffee brewer.

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